is unlimited telephone service necessary?is unlimited telephone service necessary?

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is unlimited telephone service necessary?

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Balancing Voice Over IP For Shared Networks

Voice Over IP (VOIP) can be a powerful system that unlocks a lot of business potential, but it can also be quite expensive if not planned properly. Some businesses lease an entirely separate Internet line in order to provide quality VOIP communications that won't be interrupted by other business network usage. Instead of rushing out to buy and place your own VOIP solution or ignoring it completely, consider a few ways that a VOIP technician can help through proper configuration.

Why Does VOIP Need Special Treatment?

Think about using the Internet with a lot of network usage in the background. There may be a lot of downloading happening, or maybe the employees are watching a few too many online videos or listening to too much music. When the Internet is being over-tasked, everyone's quality drops.

With downloads or browsing on the Internet, the main problem is slower performance. Downloads take longer and websites load more slowly. VOIP communications, unfortunately, have bigger issues. Unlike downloads that can have parts sent over again with a bit of a delay, voice data can't just be spoken again to keep up the quality.

When you speak or make any sound over VOIP, it is converted to a digital format that can be sent through computer systems. During slow or inconsistent Internet issues, some of the data is lost permanently, since the information is sent in real time. This often translates to a digitized or 'robotic' sound, which can make call quality difficult or impossible to understand.

Quality of Service And Load Balancing May Help

Since VOIP is the most affected by Internet issues, a technique called Quality of Service (QoS) can be configured by VOIP technicians.

QoS is a setting that is given to a specific device or service. A device would be a specific computer, smartphone or tablet, while a service would be VOIP or specific programs using the Internet such as web browsers or online games.

In some cases, QoS can take up so much available Internet capacity (known as bandwidth) from the other Internet services. Load balancing can be used if you want to give all of the systems a fair, nearly equal amount of Internet bandwidth.

Technicians can either set specific limits for any given task or create a dynamic system that allows a bit more freedom. For example, if only one person is using the Internet for one task, that person will have the entire set of bandwidth at their disposal. Starting another task will split that bandwidth, or at least give enough Internet resources to complete the task. When other people use the network, the bandwidth will be leveled out and shared evenly.

Contact a VOIP technician to begin planning a voice communication system that works smoothly and fairly. For more information, contact CommPro Communication Specialists or a similar company.