is unlimited telephone service necessary?is unlimited telephone service necessary?

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is unlimited telephone service necessary?

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Smartphone Home Security: Should You DIY Or Go Professional?

Smartphones are quickly becoming the central control panel of the modern life, so it only makes sense that they should also play an integral part in keeping your home safe. Smartphone-only systems, which you install yourself, are available, or you can integrate your phone into an existing or more extensive system. The following guide can help you better understand the options.

DIY Systems

These systems are usually purchased off the shelf and contain everything you need to get started, except for the phone. They generally contain window and door sensors, cameras, and microphones. Some are single units that contain all sensors and that you place on a table in the main room of a home, while others have a central hub that controls individual sensors that you place around your home. In both styles, the main unit then communicates what is sensing with an application installed on your smartphone.

  • Pros: These units are competitively priced, so you may be able to find one for less than a traditional alarm. This is in part because you will do the installation yourself. Once you have downloaded the app, you can monitor your home with any enabled device. These systems provide video, security alerts, and even the temperature of your home while you are away, allowing you to monitor that everything is okay.
  • Cons: The main issue with these systems is that they are not hooked up to a central security provider. If trouble does occur, whether it is fire or burglary, you will need to call in the proper authorities. Another problem can be with installation. Placement of sensors and proper installation can sometimes be problematic. Generally, these systems work best if you simply want to monitor your home, such as to keep an eye on pets, as opposed to if you need a fully functional security system.

Professional Systems

These are your standard security systems that are professionally installed and monitored by a central security firm. The main difference is that these are also wired to report directly to an app on your smartphone. You can even have control over some features of the system by simply using your smartphone.

  • Pros: These are fully integrated systems, which makes them much more difficult for a thief to compromise them. You will have window and door sensors, motion detectors, fire and security alarms, cameras, and possibly even remote entry and climate control capabilities via the system and your phone. Just like the DIY systems, a professional system will require an app download to a connected device. If a problem occurs, both the security company and you are notified. This means that fire or police services are immediately on their way even as you are being contacted about a problem. You can also monitor your home via the app as desired.
  • Cons: Professional installation and ongoing monitoring does cost more than a simple DIY system, but the level of security and service is far above what you will receive out of the box. For this reason alone, the cost is well worth it.

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