is unlimited telephone service necessary?is unlimited telephone service necessary?

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is unlimited telephone service necessary?

What kind of telephone service do you have in your home? Do you have unlimited long distance? Do you use the unlimited long distance? So many people sign up for the unlimited services on their phones and don't even use them. So, how do you decide if your telephone service is what you really need in your home. What are your options? The purpose of my blog is to help others find out about what their options of telephone services really are. You will learn what is the most affordable for your use and what you can do to reduce your monthly costs.

Commercial Fire Safety Tips

While the number of commercial fires has been on the decline over the last few decades, fires still pose a serious threat. In 2015, there were 113,500 fires, with more than $3 billion dollars in damage. As a business owner, taking action to lower the possibility of finding yourself within this group is important. Take action by working towards heightened fire safety. Establish A Plan A fire can still occur no matter how much effort you put into safety. Read More